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"..all the trees of the field shall clap their hands..." (Isaiah 55:12)

"All the Children of the World!"

Youth Service Reconvenes

Our regular Wednesday night Youth Service reconvened July 18, 2018 after a short time of suspension.  Kids were excited to be back and responded by inviting their friends the next Wednesday.

Come and join us at 6:00 PM on Wednesday.

Sister Lorinda is coordinating the service with a time of devotion in the sanctuary and lesson to begin the evening.  Then they are dismissed to go to the fellowship hall for activities such as:  

A Snack

Craft Time

Learn-A-Verse for tokens

Game Time to earn tokens to spend at the "Store"

Games for all ages

A Trip to the "Store" to spend tokens

Pictures below are from the second Wednesday after beginning anew.

                                       Worship and Lesson Time               Ready for Craft Time                     

Game Time


Snack Time


Game Time


The "Store"


We really appreciate all the adults who came out to help with all the different activities.

Your presence is essential!   



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