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"..all the trees of the field shall clap their hands..." (Isaiah 55:12)


"All the Children of the World!"


Youth Service Reconvenes

Our regular Wednesday night Youth Service reconvened July 18, 2018 after a short time of suspension.  Kids were excited to be back and responded by inviting their friends the next Wednesday.

Your presence is essential!

Come and join us at 6:00 PM on Wednesday.

  Activities include:

A Snack

Craft Time

Learn-A-Verse for tokens

Game Time to earn tokens to spend at the "Store"

Games for all ages

A Trip to the "Store" to spend tokens





Opening Devotions and Lesson

Allyson, Connor, Evelyn Stoddard Singing

Ciera & Emily Singing (Nathan at Keyboard)

Fall Festival

Ciera and Emily Singing



 A time of devotion with Sister Lorinda in the sanctuary and lesson to begin the evening.




Becky Stoddard & Teens ready for Crafts                  Lisa Barefoot helping with crafts              

alt  alt  alt

Snack Time

alt  alt  alt


  Game Table to earn tokens to spend at the "store"

alt   alt

"Play Time"

alt  alt  alt

The "Store"

alt  alt  alt

Kids spending tokens at the "Store"

Tokens are earned by learning Bible verses and playing Bible games





Evelyn, Connor and Allyson Stoddard




Sing Time

Teen helping "littlier" ones sing "B.I.B.L.E."                                             "I'm In the Lord's Army"

   Ciera Menedez & Emily Jacobs singing.  Nathan Jacobs at Keyboard  (pictures only)

alt  alt



 Fall Festival


Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda

October 24 was set aside for a special time for the Wednesday night Youth.  Game stations were set up and each kid was given a bag with tickets to play the games, choose things from the store or snacks.  Before the festival opened, everyone was assembled in the sanctuary for opening exercises; then they were dismissed to enjoy the evening.  See lots of pictures in components below.



Youth Remember the First Thanksgiving

Nathan Jacobs, Opening Prayer


Below:  Nathan - Emily Jacobs talking about first Thanksgiving, Eli Scott reading Scripture about 10 lepers healed by Jesus - in picture

alt  alt  alt  alt


Karen Jacobs, "All I Want to Do Is Worship"




More pictures to come


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