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"..all the trees of the field shall clap their hands..." (Isaiah 55:12)

2019  Youth Activities  2019


Sister Lorinda Grubbs, Youth Teacher, invites you to Wednesday evening youth services.  We begin our activities at 6 PM with a time of devotions in the sanctuary.  Afterward, we dismiss to the fellowship hall for a snack, crafts and Bible games to win tokens to spend in the "store."  Groups can be found playing at other game tables and activities while some are at the Bible games.  

The last activity is spending tokens earned at the store.  A large table of bins contains a variety of items to "buy."



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Devotional Time

Emily Jacobs and Bella Smith Sing "I Am a Friend of God"


Some of the youth sing "B.I.B.L.E"




Youth Celebrated Pastor Jerry's January Birthday with a "cookie cake."

Valentine's Day Themed Activity

The evening for youth service was very cold and snowy, but a few of our youth faced the elements and came out.  After the lesson and the heart activity, they all headed for the fellowship hall for special Valentine treats, games and a trip to the "store."

After Sister Lorinda had a lesson on "What Surrounds You?" and emphasized that most importantly they were surrounded by God's Love, she had the youth play a game.  She outlined a heart on two red poster boards with double-faced tape.  At the back of the sanctuary, on opposite sides, were two bowls of cotton balls and 2 spoons.  Youth were divided into two teams with the task of picking up a cotton ball from the bowl with the spoon, race to the front and place it on the tape, pass the spoon to a team member who did the same thing. The team goal to be the winner was to try to complete their heart outline first.  

Later, each person signed their name inside the heart, indicating that each of them was surrounded by God's Love.  This would protect them as they stayed safely inside His loving presence.

Below are the completed hearts and the participants.




Opening Prayer at Youth Service



                                                                                                                                    Learning to use the hymnal


After their teacher, Lorinda, gave a lesson on Lazarus and his resurrection from the dead by Jesus,

she let them play a game to demonstrate how they buried their dead at that time.

The objects of the lesson then broke free of their grave clothes.







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