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"..all the trees of the field shall clap their hands..." (Isaiah 55:12)

Welcome to "Happenings" at Faith Tabernacle 2017 

May you have a Happy and Blessed New Year--all year long!

We are beginning the journey into a new year, and as we do each day, we anticipate the Lord's imminent return; but until He makes His appearance, we will continue to cherish each day and say:

"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."  (Psalm 118:24)

We at Faith Tabernacle look forward to sharing what the Lord is doing in our midst and would love to see you in our congregation.  The next best thing would be knowing you were a visitor here in our website as we share some of our activities and news of our folks.  Click above for our Guestbook and leave a note so we will know you came by.

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25th Anniversary of Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda at Faith Tabernacle !

 -- Florida Camp Meeting --

The week of January 23-27, 2017 was Camp Meeting Time in Florida.  It was also meeting time for elders taking care of international church business.  Our church was represented by our Pastor, Rev. Jerry P. Grubbs, and Sister Lorinda as well as Rev. Kenneth Jacobs and Sister Karen.  Pastor Jerry is an elder, so he was involved in other meetings of church business.  Those attending reported a great camp meeting and time of fellowship, wonderful preaching and anointed music and singing.  They came away spiritually refreshed.

​(Some pictures below)


                 Sister Lorinda and Pastor Jerry Grubbs                             Rev. Kenneth and Sister Karen Jacobs             


Some of the ministers attending the Camp Meeting

Rev. Kenneth Jacobs, Rev. J. J. Waldon, Rev. Cecil Johnson, Rev. Bobby Wilson, Pastor Jerry


Spring is well under way in Michigan as evidenced by the colorful "early blooms" and birds building nests, and yes, the sound of lawn mowers!  It's time for a spiritual awakening as well.  Time to leave the coldness of indifference behind and allow the Holy Spirit to warm and renew our spirit and awaken us to God's love and care.  The world around us seems troubled and floundering, seeking but not finding rest and satisfaction.  We have what the lost world is looking for, so in this new season of the new year let us renew our prayers for the lost and our dedication to the Savior sharing with those who need it the Message of Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.  

Come, worship with us as we join hands and hearts for our communities, families and friends in the Love of God.  Faith Tabernacle will make you feel welcome and make you part of our family.

We have added some music videos from church services below and on pages VIDEOS.  We hope you enjoy them.

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Pastor Jerry

Sermon Excerpts



 (Excerpts of Pastor Jerry from Morning Worship Services)

David Grubbs, "He'll Be There"

The lady in the red coat was hospitalized for over a year not expected to live.

(Mary Cornelius, Pastor Jerry's sister)


Karen Jacobs, "Precious Jesus"


Allison & Evelyn Stoddard, "B I B L E"

Daughters of Josh & Rebecca Stoddard

Allison, Evelyn, Conner Stoddard

Children of Josh & Rebecca Stoddard


Mother's Day 2017

Sister Lorinda is third from left in red jacket

Sister Lorinda received a card and gift from the church.  All mothers received gift bags.





Father's Day 2017

Pastor Grubbs is in the center of picture #2.  He received a card and gift from the church.

All Father's received a gift bag from the church.

(See "Home Page" for special Father's Day tribute to

Founding Pastor Paul Grubbs by his grandson, David Grubbs)



Food and Fellowship after last-Sunday-of-the-month evening service



Lorinda Grubbs, "God Bless America"

25th Anniversary Celebration

Faith Tabernacle set aside Saturday, October 14, as Pastor Appreciation day.  It began at 3 PM at the church led by Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda's son, David, and coordinated by their daughter, Karen Jacobs.  Kevin Walden, his wife Kim (Pastor Jerry's niece) and their daughter, Kennedy presented a musical program accompanied by amazing videos which they had prepared.  We were blessed with a large crowd that came to enjoy the 25th year celebration of Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda at Faith Tabernacle in Lincoln Park, a church started by his dad, Rev. Paul Grubbs, in 1954 in Detroit.

At 5 PM, the activities moved to American Buffet for a wonderful meal where special gifts were presented to our pastor and wife in appreciation for their dedicated service of 25 years!

Below are some videos of the program the Walden family blessed us with.








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Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda !


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