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"..all the trees of the field shall clap their hands..." (Isaiah 55:12)

Youth Activities


Youth Activities Pre-2018

Youth Pastor Kenneth Jacobs and Sister Karen Jacobs

Our Youth meet each Wednesday at 6:30 PM.  They usually start gathering in around 6:00 or so in the Fellowship Hall first and visit, play games, write, color and just enjoy some free time before the service begins.  At 6:30 they gather in the Sanctuary for opening exercises, greeting by the leaders, prayer and singing some songs.  Then they return to the Fellowship Hall for a snack time.  After snacks, they go to the craft tables and create something to earn tokens and to take home.  When they finish with crafts, they go to the various centers to earn more tokens by learning Bible verses, playing Bible Games and other activities.  Lastly, they return to the Sanctuary for dismissal and then return to the Fellowship Hall "Store" and spend their tokens.


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We are blessed with folks who love our kids and the Lord and offer their services each week to help in any way they are needed.  They wear many and varied hats and move freely between jobs, adjusting to the present need.

Thank you! to all our Volunteers.  More pictures to come.  We appreciate you!

Special Projects

Shoe Boxes Project:  Kids used their tokens earned at the various activities to purchase items for "Shoe Boxes" to be sent to other countries to underprivileged children instead of their treats to take home.

The "Crush" Project:  Kids could use their tokens to purchase a Crush Soda to be presented to their friends with a couple of drinking straws to share it and a note of appreciation attached.

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